Visiting Artist Series             Spring Workshop

Visiting Artist: Carol Cypher

Complex Cane Necklace




Felted Bangle Bracelet
Friday, Sept. 24 9 AM - noon

Wired, Felted & Beaded Bracelet
Friday, Sept. 24 1 - 4 PM
Complex Cane Necklace
Saturday, Sept. 25 9AM - 4 PM

Two Sides to Every Story Bracelet (BONUS CLASS!)
Saturday, Sept. 25 6 - 9 PM

Ostara's Emerging Blossoms
Sunday, Sept. 26 9 AM - 4 PM



Heirloom Classics Jewelry and Beads
1311 Prospect St
Indianapolis, IN


Classes held from 
9 AM -  4 PM

Bonus Class held from
6 - 9 PM



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Skill Level:








Supplies / Kit:

BRING A BATH SIZED TOWEL, please. Everything else is supplied. You must bring some beads to string with your felt beads if you choose.


The kit includes 3-4 oz merino wool in many colors (6 to 8 usually), magnetic closure, stringing materials, dozen or more spacer beads, skewers, rubber fingers, use of Turbo Felting Board, sharp thin-bladed knives, cutting boards, kettles, and basins. Each student will have the use of a Turbo Felting Board for classroom use or optional purchase of $30.00



The Project:

Spend the day building layers of fine merino wool into canes of various types using an array of colors. Learn to plan the arrangement of the bundled canes to achieve particular effects. Using hot water, a little soap, and the Turbo Felting Board, felt the bundles into a dense and firm felt complex cane. Then, slicing the cane reveals intricately patterned beads. Most participants will leave with a finished, though damp, necklace.




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