Visiting Artist Series             Spring Workshop

Visiting Artist: Carol Cypher

Two Sides to Every Story Bracelet




Felted Bangle Bracelet
Friday, Sept. 24 9 AM - noon

Wired, Felted & Beaded Bracelet
Friday, Sept. 24 1 - 4 PM
Complex Cane Necklace
Saturday, Sept. 25 9AM - 4 PM

Two Sides to Every Story Bracelet (BONUS CLASS!)
Saturday, Sept. 25 6 - 9 PM

Ostara's Emerging Blossoms
Sunday, Sept. 26 9 AM - 4 PM



Heirloom Classics Jewelry and Beads
1311 Prospect St
Indianapolis, IN


Classes held from 
9 AM -  4 PM

Bonus Class held from
6 - 9 PM



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Skill Level:





$10.00 / $40

This class is a bonus class, in that the fee for the class is only $10 if you have registered for any other full or half day class. If you are not taking any other full or half day class, the fee for the class is $40. Bring your own supplies. No kit fee involved.



Supplies / Kit:

Please bring:
sizes 15/0, 2 colors of 11/0, and 8/0 seed beads
closure/3 button pearls
size 12 beading needle
8# test Fireline or Power Pro.



The Project:

Make this reversible bracelet using an original stitch. Share Carol’s discovery, that by isolating the thread path of a tubular South African stitch, flat beadwork can be produced. The surface of the beadwork becomes corrugated as you weave, pushing one bead to the front and one bead to the back, hence…reversible!




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