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The Indiana Bead Society was founded in 1997 by a small group of people dedicated to bringing together individuals interested in all aspects of beads and beadwork.

Our current membership brings together many individuals interested in the history of beads and beading, collecting beads, making beads, and the use of beads in jewelry pieces, wearable art and displays.




The Society is open to anyone regardless of gender, nationality, color, religion or physical limitations.



Membership Levels:

Individual $30 Family $40 Business $40

Memberships are available in three categories: individual, family and business. Minimum age for an individual membership is 18. Family membership is open to partners, parent(s) or guardian, plus children between the age of 16 and the child's 18th birthday who are living with the parent(s) or guardian. Members under 18 must be accompanied by a member parent or guardian during all IBS meetings and events. Any business owner/operator may elect a business membership.

Dues for the first year's membership are due at the time of application. Renewal memberships are due on the member’s anniversary date.




Officers of the Society are elected by a majority of active members in the Fall for terms beginning in January. All active members in good standing are eligible to run for office. Positions include: President, First Vice President-Events, Second Vice President-Publications, Treasurer and Secretary.




Indiana Bead Society
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